Digital Water: A silver bullet for the climate crisis?

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The Middle East is warming at nearly twice the global average and is not on-track to achieve the water security goals set out in the UN’s Vision 2030. In fact, GCC water demand is set to rise 62% by 2025, according to MEED estimates.

Here are some eye-opening facts:

  • 79% of all global greenhouse gas emissions come from the infrastructure sector when considering its full life cycle
  • 34% of all produced water worldwide is non-revenue water and is lost before it reaches its intended destination
  • 32 billion cubic metres of treated water is lost through leakages in distribution networks globally

Download the MEED Bentley Systems 2022 water report to find some recommended solutions for the water challenges faced by the region:

  1. What are the practical solutions to combat the water scarcity crisis?
  2. Is increased digitalisation the solution?
  3. What will be the consequences of inaction?
  4. With the climate clock ticking, what more needs to be done?

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